How to rank your website?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a long process, which means that you do not immediately see the results of your efforts. Do not give up on your optimization so soon. A good SEO strategy will give you a long-term result. Your site will be more and more relevant in the eyes of search engines and Internet users after some time.Remember that the users must always be at the heart of your content, your online experience and even your optimization.As a beginner in SEO, you need to understand that there is no magic formula to rank your website in top spot in Google, Bing or Yahoo rather than following the algorithms and optimizing your site. Here are some of the beginners tip to help with your SEO

People who use and consult these search engines do so because they are looking for a specific information. And these search engines, in turn, try to give the most relevant answers to queries they receive. To do this, they then take into account several factors such as the most visited sites, the content they contain, search history, location of the user and of course the keywords entered.The search engines treat the sites based on keywords entered and the user criteria and offer it in the results.  They are also called SERP or Search engine results page. They show only the sites they think the most relevant.That is why keyword optimization is crucial for your site.

A personal domain name in .com, .net or .com is always better than a subdomain. This does not mean that subdomains will not be indexed at all but it will be harder to separate for the search engines because it will be part of a family of very different names, all associated with a same site.

Create rich internal links in keywords. Internal links are the links that you create between different pages of your website. The "anchor" words that are clickable links and the anchor links are taken into account by search engines. Choose your anchor words to help your SEO.Visit San Diego SEO Specialistfor more info.

Check your broken links and 404 errors. Remove a product from your menu, change the address of a page or delete a field and to see if your site contains broken links or broken pages (404).

Upload all your contact information. Create a page ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ to indicate your contact, and an accurate map and how to reach you. In the ‘footer’ of your website (the bottom of the page), add your name and contact details. This will help engine robots to locate you well locally.

Stop using huge illustration images on the home page. SEO is all a matter of proportion. An inappropriate image could spoil the visual no matter how great the picture is, they could hinder the drive and disrupt, and direct you to another page or another site. So before opting for a disproportionate picture remember to choose an appropriate resolution.


By giving your visitors the ability to leave comments on your site, you increase your credibility and strengthen your reputation. The comments are more description for your product clearly written in a genuine tone, which search engines give priority.